Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sept. 27 & 28

September 27, 2005

I woke up with a strange dream again. I couldn’t remember the details of the dream but the only striking thought I had was that I hurt someone’s feelings (again). Even though it was just a dream, it posted a question to myself. Am I a blessing, who could bring joy to others or would cause pains to many? If I have a choice, I want to be a blessing. If I don’t have a choice, I still want to minimize the harm.

The dream must be the result of Hua Jing’s worries, after our conversation, I suspected.

Hua Jing, I promise you that I will first protect other’s hearts^_^ though, not that I neglected myself, I just believe that I am living in a bigger story than myself. Therefore I have to first be mindful of my Father’s business!! Kekekekek…

I went for a musical show, Chicago, in the evening. I bought the tickets from a half-price-booth at Leicester Square. It was great!! Somehow I just prefer the Hollywood version, lame eh… well, it could be a side effect of 先入为主. Regardless, it was a rocking show.

After the show, I couldn’t help but wondered why a woman like, Roxie Hart, would go down to a wrong path? Was it her fault? Her husband? Or the vanity ghost in her didn’t get to rest after her marriage? Tommy said she shouldn’t get married at the first place. True… I think it was due to her dissatisfaction. I wonder what would happen if her husband were a little more charming and sensible? Would that change the outcome? I don’t know. It is just a posted question.

September 28, 2005

Full day tour

Buckingham Palace – Changing of Guards

Passed through the St. James Park, we reached the Buckingham Palace. We hang around there for almost 45 minutes to take sight of the changing of guards. I anticipated a grander view of the palace guards though. It was interesting to be there and question if it was all about honor or duty whenever the guards march in and out of their royal palace.

British Museum

Ummm… what should I say? I was more attracted to the grilled hotdog and onion in front of the British museum than the museum itself. Somehow, back in my mind, I could not shake off the beauty and richness of Le Louvre in Paris. No comparison at all. Duh, I just compared them!

St. Paul Cathedral
I could not get in! It was closed.
I just had a chance walking around the courtyard of the St. Paul Cathedral. What had passed through Princess Diana’s mind when she entered the hall of the cathedral and beheld her groom at the altar? What kind of a picture did she envision?


It is true that you can find almost everything you want but if talking about luxury? I think the display of Neiman Marcus and Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas far surpassed the presentation of Harrods.

London Eye

Remember I talked about detaching myself from the ground and took a different view of London? I just did it last night. As I imagined, it was magnificent. Of course, when I reached certain point of height, my phobia kicked in. My feet were grounded and I could feel every strain of my muscles pulled me back. I tried to look far and kept myself busy taking pictures.

I think I experienced anticipation, excitement, enthrallment, and fear, all at the same time. Just like being in love. Kakkkaaka.

Tomorrow evening... I am heading to Geneva.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sept. 26

September 26, 2005

I went to meet Tommy and his friend at the Leicester Square in the evening after a long boring day at work. It was good to see Tommy here in London… Finally, I could see another side of him. The person in him, who is filled with joy and 潇潇洒洒的感觉.

I felt so great and thrilled to walk around the city of London by night. The majestic of the London eye cast a mysterious sense on me. I wonder what I would see if I am at hundreds feet above the ground. Detaching myself from the ground level would enable me to see further and better of the grand view of London. I have decided to find it out... soon.

I spoke to Roger in the afternoon. He always impressed me by his kindness and gentleness. Binh and Roger have reached an agreement of me staying at Roger's home WITHOUT my agreement. Full of uncertainty, I was. I called Roger to ensure of the arrangement. Before I even raised the question, he said, "... would you please stay at my place when you are in Switzerland?" I was speechless with the utmost thankfulness. Hence, Binh and Roger would be driving from Bern all the way to Geneva, approximately 2 hours, to pick me up. As in old time, their generosity changes not.

Special thanks to Milagros's hospitality too!! She told me that her home was opened for me whenever I needed a place to stay in Lausanne. Thank God for friends... and thank God for His grace and blessings upon me.

Not to mention Roger Meyer... He is one great Swiss that I came to know ^_^

I deserve none of these but I choose to accept them... Again, all good things are from above!! So true, so real, so magnificent.

Monday, September 26, 2005

More excitement in London…

September 23, 2005
While I was anticipating the Cambridge trip, Tommy decided to join me in London on Monday. Truly outraged. It was so not he. All of the sudden, I have extra companies in London. Stefan should be arriving on Sunday night but I have not heard from him. I guess I have no choice but take a couple of days off in order to complete my more-than-a-business-trip tour in London.

I had a wonderful India food tonight. It is a new opening restaurant and about 3-4 blocks away from Sidney hotel. I by chance spoke to both of the owners. We talked about India food and how to enhance the Tandoori chicken flavor. After a short talk, the first owner went to the kitchen and took out a special mint source and a piece of lemon for the chicken and shidk kebab. Another special treatment… What have I done to deserve this?? Again, God said, it’s all about grace… so do like wise to others.

September 24, 2005
I woke up early but skipped breakfast, just to be on time to catch the train to Cambridge with Yu Shu (Mr. Zhu). Cambridge is an old town. It took me 50 mins to get there from London.

Trust me, I did a whole lot of walking there. Visited many of the colleges and I dropped by the college which Dr. Hopkins works. Yu Shu told me that all the people, who have been assisting Dr. Hopkins, are PhD students. I think that is a default offer in completing the PhD degree.

It was the Choral Day. No visitor was allowed to enter certain colleges. So you can imagine how bummed I was when I found out I could not enter the King’s college and Trinity College. Nevertheless, I had an opportunity to steal looks and peeks from the main entrances. Passing through the Cam River, I thought of 徐志摩 – 告别康桥.... “挥一挥衣袖, 不带走一片云采...” It is a place to develop personal connotation and build inspiration. Mr. Zhu said this is a place to 培养气质的. I laughed.

September 25, 2005
I lost my voice.I had been screaming, shouting, and singing on high tunes!!!Obviously, you should know why.
Remember, today is the day I’ve been long waiting for. Hillsong UK @ 11am at Tottenham Court Road.
I have not been so free, open, fully, and whole-heartedly putting my energy and everything in praise and worship for a long time since the conference I attended in Toronto Vineyard!!!!!!! Let me tell you, I see PASSION there, the passion that I have longed to see, feel, and experience among radical followers of Christ. I was swept away by love, fire, and consuming desire. I went back to Hillsong at 600pm after my Charing Cross shopping and Roasted Pork and Duck at Yang Cheng, the famous 羊城小馆, in China town.

My heart was MOVED and TOUCHED. People there are crazy about Jesus. We sang as if nothing else was mattered anymore… REALLY mean it. We abandon ourselves for Jesus is our everything….
…. Your name is above all names, You are worthy of our praise… My heart will sing… You are the only one I need…

Hillsong just started Hillsong Paris last Friday night. All the staff members in Paris were not sure how many people would be there, estimated to be 150 people the most. It turned out to be 500 people packed the building and another 250 people standing outside the building couldn’t get it. After the service, 29 people committed their lives for Christ. This is what we call – the exceedingly and abundantly blessing. It brought tears to my eyes because I know how hard it is to find passionate Christ followers in Europe. I have seen it in Switzerland, Paris, Germany, and Austria…. I once had a vision for EU… I once thought that God might want me to reach out to EU…. I have to confess that my heart went cold after experience the environment in Switzerland. It was more a disappointment than an abandonment of vision. God warned me and told me that the darkness was over the land and people.

I know that one day God will show me again and renew my vision. Here you go… In UK, almost everywhere I turn, I see Christian. Even in my short visit in Cambridge, China Town, and conference. Now that I know that I know, there are still many people in EU want to be the salt and the light for the world. They are seeds and they are the hands and feet of Christ.

As Hillsong is raising money for their mission work in Iraq and Jordan, we saw another clip of the pastors and churches in the 2.8% Christian population countries. Another touching moment… the pastor in Jordan was imprisoned in a 2x2 meters cell for a long time, was beaten and persecuted but Pastor Brandon from Hillsong told us that he was the happiest pastor he had seen. This is the power of God. This is the grace of God. This IS the Joy of God. What he has, nobody can steal away!!

I am fully alive again when I saw all these things happening… as if I can breath again… I come to life again… I cannot be surer than now that my calling is for the world!! My only one vision and purpose in this lifetime is to build my God’s kingdom. All I have is His!!!!! He is an awesome God!!! He is the King of Kings… Through Him are all things!!!

Friday, September 23, 2005

London update again

Sept. 23, 2005

Something is so wrong with my camera.
I have no idea if it is me, who is not a tech savvy… or my beloved camera.

Regardless, it still served me well when I was taking the London by night trip.
Beau-ti-ful !! The tower bridge and parliment display thier majestic view and the British pride. I spent almost 3 hours sitting on top of the open-top double-decker bus cruising around London alone. We passed through the St. James park, Victoria gate, Soho area, South Kingston, and many more… London proudly resonates its glorious charm and rich cultures. I met 2 Malaysian gals who have been on touring their long EU trip. We all stood on one great principle – “We take our lifetime journey across EU when we are still young and healthy. Walking on the street is totally different from sitting in a car.” We decided to catch up in another country, maybe in Switzerland.

Meeting a potential client for lunch 3.5 hours ago.
He turned out to be a radical God’s follower!! I was so proud and marveled by God’s plan. Mr. Zhu was one of the speakers in the Chinese Market Entry seminar. We met in the seminar and had a great time talking about business and future potential of working together. He told me, he was drawn to Dorman. We both saw the fingerprints of God again after I told him that Dorman was a pastor for 8 years. Mr. Zhu was thrilled and came to realize what a beautifully weaved plan of God.

He showed me around Notting Gate. It is indeed a cute little town; leave alone all the small hotels for the rich and famous. The street market is filled with china teacups and hard-to-find antiques. I am surprised that London is much more diversed than California and more swell than New York. I vowed to revisit this little town again.

I had a smoke chicken and avocado sandwich, and a cup of latte in 918, an Elle owned conceptual store. A brief explanation – Conceptual store is a place, where you can find boutique, restaurant, and café, an all-in-one and well-designed store.

I planned a boat trip for this evening but the weather seems to be a little unpredictable. However, I am going to Cambridge tomorrow. Mr. Zhu was kind enough to offer me a guided tour. Another mission for this trip is to meet a pastor from LA, who serves in Cambridge. Tomorrow, I shall take a train from “King’s Cross” station at 9:00am to the old Cambridge. I wonder if I will be haunted by the most intellectual ghost in the campus of Cambridge. Trinity College, here I come.

Sunday@11am, UK Hillsong is where I want to be. It is located at Tottenham Court.
More update to come…

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Quick London Update

A quick summary of my up-to-now update in London:

Sept 19, 2005
I had been sick for the last 3 hours of my flight to London.
Virgin Atlantic is professional, high tech, good service, and it is the only one airline I experience with so many cute male flight attendants. Nevertheless, my experience was not great. Bummer.

After I arrived to the London airport, it took me another 3 hours to get to my hotel. In a small room, I slept my way to the next morning.
Many dreams and thoughts hopping.

Sept. 20, 2005
I met two judiciary personnel from Zambia. We had a cozy old English breakfast together and I started out my journey to Frost & Sullivan’s London office. It amazed me how pleasant London atmosphere can be.

Frost’s London office is classic. Like it!! The team members are friendly and dynamic. Sweet. One drawback, it is an open office. Duh!

Strange. There are MANY India restaurants here. Big and small, upscale and fast food…. They are everywhere.

Sept. 21, 2005
Woke up at 6:15 am. Dressed myself up and prepared my evening dress for the day.
It was a long long long long day.

I felt strange seeing all foreigners gathered together to talk about Chinese market, culture, and “dos and don’ts”. As if they knew Chinese better than Chinese themselves. Strange!!
All the girls were so bewitched by the VP of Siemens CT division. While we were all in the dressing room, comments, compliments, excitements, and laughter were flying everywhere. Personally, I think he is intelligent and charming as he is but I wonder if he deserves more than that.

I think I must look astonishing with my black top and pastel yellow suit, coupled with pearl chocker and earrings… Kakakak
Because some British men and French ladies just could not take their eyes off me throughout the course of the evening. I was flattered. ^_^

Sept. 22, 2005
Funny, I started to sound more British than American…
A British gentle man told me that I had a lovely accent after a short conversation in a store. I wondered what he meant but to continue indulging myself in the good British experience. I took the face value of his compliment. Goooshshsh, I am so vain.

I am going to make good used of my stay in London… I promise myself.
Last night, I peeked through the taxi’s window when I was heading home.

London is enchanting and captivating.

My plan for this evening...
I am taking this tour:

Monday, September 12, 2005


I know I have been lazy.
I know I have been sloppy.

This is the song that I can share with all of you...
Along our journey of life, we may loose our love ones as they depart from this earth and enter into a better and more glorious place. Nevertheless, what left behind is our hanging heart that makes us miss them unceasingly.

Thank God that there is still hopes. One day, we will all meet again.
... me too, is homesick, tonight... because the eternal home is where my heart is.

"Homesick" - Mercy Me

You're in a better place, I've heard a thousand times
And at least a thousand times, I've rejoiced for you
But the reason why I'm broken, the reason why I cry
Is how long must I wait to be with you

I close my eyes and I see your face
If home's where my heart is then I'm out of place
Lord, won't you give me strength to make it through somehow
I've never been more homesick than now

Help me Lord cause I don't understand your ways
The reason why I wonder if I'll ever know
But, even if you showed me, the hurt would be the same
Cause I'm still here so far away from home

I close my eyes and I see your face
If home's where my heart is then I'm out of place
Lord, won't you give me strength to make it through somehow
I've never been more homesick than now

In Christ, there are no goodbye
And in Christ, there is no end
So I'll hold onto Jesus with all that I have
To see you again To see you again

And I close my eyes and I see your face
If home's where my heart is then I'm out of placeLord,
won't you give me strength to make it through somehow
Won't you give me strength to make it through somehow
Won't you give me strength to make it through somehow
I've never been more homesick than now