Thursday, June 21, 2007

Busyness and uneasiness

I am so busy...
I cannot believe it as a fact too.

I officially have to handle multiple projects with business development work, overseeing others' projects, battling through some internal issues. Interesting... why am I so busy?
On top of work, my heart is not at peace with the exams that I am going to face on July 16th. If I passed the exams, I am sure it would be the kick of the Holy Spirit and the Lord is working in me. To be honest, no matter how much I dislike the courses, I do not like to loose. As time approaching and I have tons of work on my plate, I do not know how to allocate time to study. Nevertheless, the motivation plays a big part in my procrastination.

Oh Lord, get me through this journey. Get me through...

I do not know how I get through my day without the grace of God.
Even though I am exhausted and blinded by busyness, I know that residing my heart, my Lord is there. He is holding my hands and telling me this - one step at a time and with Me all things are possible.

Indeed, with the Lord, all things are possible.
He has promised that He would bless the work of my hands, whatever I touch, flourish!!!!

Thank you, Lord, for being there always.
Because of you, I can face tomorrow with smiles.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pure Pleasure

It was a pure pleasure to have Gregory visiting me in the Bay area!!!!
I had so much fun with him walking up and down the Chinatown in SF and shopped till our foot tired. I enjoyed seeing him digging in "exotic" tim sum, malaysian food, and sushi... It is no less than a pure joy. I hope I will get a couple pictures that he took, so that I can put them on my blog.

Dear Greg,

Come back again with you girl friend!! I am sure the sunshine state will entice her heart.
Also thank you for taking an extra mile to fly four hours to see me for mere 1.5 day and giving memorable presents!! Listen, everytime, I put on the black suit you bought for me. I know that your best wishes and blessings will be with me. Any deal, any business, any negotiation... it will present no less than my confidence, your best wishes, and the perfect blessing from above.

Your bright future is unfolding. Remember do not work too hard. Don't wake up at 4am everyday. Dont' skip luncheons. Don't skip breaskfast. BUT continue to LAUGH, to simplify things, to enjoy life, and to EXPLORE!!

See you very soon again!!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

A Brief re-cap of The Prophecy

The overwhelming work is the sound of the abundance!
Call me optimistic!! I cannot deny the fact that I am tired from work but I am excited. This year is the year of acceleration. So it is.

I am so tempted to post everything that Michael, the minister who has prophetic gift, prayed for me and what he saw in his vision about me. Even though it has been a few months back but I am still thrilled that my loving precious God cares for me to the core, even the unrevealing struggling and quiet hopes that are in me.

80% of the prayer and prophecy that Michael told me had one way or another imprinted in my mind long before that afternoon. They are my deep secrets that I share with the Lord. The things that I see myself doing, the longing that I envision in my mind…. includes a child who I will be adopting in the coming future.

The other 20% is absolutely a mind blowing vision to me… I am yet to recognize but it will soon come true and be established….

Do you know the feeling of being understood and discovered?

This is how I feel everyday!!!!!
From the gentleness of God to the smiles of my friends, He assures He is there for me. No longer, I question my heart desires are of me because He has shown me that they are of Him. Going through the journey of the past 15 years… Today, I am surer of who I am, what I am called to, and how real God is than ever before.

… He calls me as the diamond in His hands.
I smile…