Wednesday, May 30, 2007


It has been a while since my last entry...
I am very busy at work with a new boss and a new structure.
I did not expect that my "managerial" work has been increasing rapidly within a month. Clearing out ways for people to work more efficiently is truly not easy, especially, quality is at stake.

So far, I still enjoy the sudden urgency and feel satisfied when I walked out of my office everyday. To an extend, my stress level is not as high as before and I am learning to truly cruise in the precious grace from above.

For the past two months, friends have not ceased visiting from all over the world. Spending time with them made me feel like I am in deed a part of their lives.

After the request from Angeline, I bought the new book from Yancey, The Prayer. Once again, Yancey did a wonderful job addressing the one most struggle issue for Christians. Lips service, empty words, or desparate conversation? Prayer is more than all these. It is beautifully written.

Work starts now...

Friday, May 11, 2007


Even though I have been busy, the redeeming mission has never ceased since I posted my previous entry in March. The Lord is still doing amazing things in me - changing my perspectives, softening my heart, and helping me to rest in Him.

A while ago, I felt this complex feeling rose up in me. Free of guilt and blames, but I felt in-debt to some people. I could not help but sigh… It is like a rondo. Sometimes out of our foolishness, we hurt people. Other times, out of others’ foolishness, we are hurt by them.

To look at it in a different sight, it almost seems to be the right thing happens in the wrong time. It ends up being a wrong thing. It is as if we run into the wrong door of time and came out puzzled and lost.

The worse thing is our hearts have memory, just like our body. The memory of pain imprisons us to move forward or to attempt again. Unconsciously, we do everything to prevent or stop the pain. What a fool we are?

I do not know any alternative, other that the redemption of Christ…

To come back up again.
To start afresh.
To resume to the original state of being.
To be free from guilt.
To have the courage to look into the eyes of those who hurt us or were hurt by us, and say, “Without hatred and guilt, from this day onward, I will treasure you as a part of my life.”

I see no other way, but the way of the Cross…

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

After awhile

It has been a while…
For the past 1.5 months, I have been busy catching up with old friends and enjoying my personal life outside work. Sometimes I just wish the weekend never ended, but it is the daunting feeling of beginning and the end makes the short moment alive.

More to come...