Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas

Dear All my Family and Friends,

I did not get a chance to send out Christmas cards this year. I was sick for a week after I came back from a-month trip in Asia. It was too late to send out anything when I finally recovered.

Nevertheless, all of you have been in my heart and I want to send my wishes to you individually. I will be working on my annual update soon. I hope I will bring a smile on your face when you read through my reflection of the year…

Have a Merry Christmas!
Every good thing in your life is coming from above.
Be thankful! Be blessed!!


We don't have to wait till Christmas to show our love because the Lord never stop loving us...
We don't have to wait till Christmas to give gifts because the Lord awakes us every morning and gives us the gift of life...

There would not be a salvation, if Christmas never had come.

We would not have hopes, if Jesus did not choose to abandon His throne and offer up Himself as a sacrifice for us.

He is the only reason for this season! Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

After the trip

Well, I got sick on the day I came back. On top of that, I was fighting over jetlag like mad...
Finally, after some struggles, I am back to normal. Cough has not totally left me but I am sure I am healed and my body is catching up.

I think something has changed in me. Even though I cannot pinpoint what it is, I know something is different. I am eager to find out the new sides of myself. Certainly, I believe that the change is for better. Somehow, I suspect I came to know more about myself during the hectic traffic in Penang, hanging out with family members, and witnessing two beautiful weddings. The trip enabled me to see my imperfections and it softened my heart.

There were times I was angry with myself being impatient and loosing temper. Of course, I blamed it to the hot weather and rudeness of the inconsiderate people. Nevertheless, it was me who failed to put up with changes, pressure, and what others consider as "normal." There were also times, words from my mouth did not come out right and I had to pray in tongue to withdraw strength from the Lord. It is funny that I found myself feeling "inferior" and "left behind." I clearly knew that it was the devil playing tricks in my mind and asserting thoughts that were lies. Thank God, for He is faithful. I thank the Lord for His blood. Otherwise, I'd have to look at the crimson red stains of sins and most likely detest myself to death.

I am excited though. I am excited that 2007 is approaching. The new season is at the door knocking. I am ready for a bigger breakthrough, a higher calling, a greater purpose, a deeper acknowledgement of the Lord's grace, a stronger love bound with the Lord, and a more perfected self in God's eyes... I am ready.

Monday, December 11, 2006

More pictures - With Sean and Mike

Monday, December 04, 2006

Congratulation to my sister and the end of my vacation

I am back, finally.
The one month vacation was great. Can't wait for another one...
Attached are some pictures from my sister's wedding. She is beautiful!! I wish both of them the best of the best(s) and the love for God and between them will be deepened each and everyday.