Thursday, January 26, 2006


喜欢一件事, 就不要当它可有可无, 把它当一回事认真去做, 就会得到你所不知道的学问.
– 刘其伟

Take my will and make it Thine—It shall be no longer mine;
Take my heart—it is Thine own. It shall be Thy royal throne.

I love the recklessness of faith. First you leap, and then you grow wings.
-William Sloane Coffin

Keep your life so constantly in touch with God that His surprising power can break through at any point.
Live in a constant state of expectancy, and leave room for God to come in as He decides.
- My Utmost For His Highest

Monday, January 23, 2006

Why do you believe?

After I spoke to Chisso, I started to ponder about how truly Christians know why they chose to believe God and declared that they would follow Christ for the rest of their lives. Why do you believe?

Was it happened out of convenience? Was it a sudden urge? Was it because of someone? Were you expecting a better life? Were you trying to find peace in life? Or you whole-heartedly recognized that the true grace's offered to you when you did not deserve any bit of it?

Chisso’s commented about how a person believed righteousness was found in him/her even before Christ entered his/her heart, which led to no total conviction and radical change. A piece of pride was brought in with him/her in a relationship with the all loving and jealous God.

Even though the Bible says that it is God who purifies the desire of a man, I am sadden by the fact that we often fail to understand the cost of redemption. Is it too simple and easy to obtain God’s grace, so that people take it so lightly? Knowing that the grace of God will penetrate the heart of man as time goes, but what if that individual choose to not to come to term with that?

His love is true, and His salvation is irrevocable. Everything has its timing and our lives are a process to a higher calling. Recognize this and check ourselves, why did I first believe? Did I know that I was supposed to be on that cross? Did I know the cost that the Son of Men has paid? Did I know that I did not deserve all this but in exchange, He laid down His life, so that I could have mine?

Friday, January 20, 2006

如果 . 爱

看了 “如果 . 爱”. 星期一.
隐隐约约中, 我看到了一些影子.
觉得录音机里金成武用时间累积的录音, 很感人.

“... 一年了, 你没有回过来...”
“... 你在那里? 已经两年了...”
“我恨你. 我恨你. 我恨你...”
“....路过这里, 所以进来...”
“... 我已经把你忘了... 但是...”

就这样, 他, 等了十年, 也挣扎了十年.
人的一辈子, 有多少个十年?
只是, 用了十年才惊醒, 舍不得是自己感情, 而不是对方.

我怀疑, 如果,这就是爱.

而, 周迅, 她是抱着这首歌的心情离开.
淡淡的忧伤... 有点事曾像似的感觉.

•外面 - 周迅   歌手:周迅 作曲:金培达   
填词:林夕 编曲:金培达      

外面的世界很精彩   我出去会不会失败   
外面的世界特别慷慨 闯出去我就可以活过来      
留在这里我看不到现在   我要出去寻找我的未来   
下定了决心改变 日子真难捱   

外面的世界很精彩   我出去会变得可爱   
外面的机会来得很快 我一定找到自己的存在   
一离开头也不转不回来   我离开永远都不再回来

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


近来的脑袋空空如也, 给予不到我想要的答案也挥画不出该有色彩.
有点懒懒的感觉, 有点失措的担心, 也有点期待的悸动.

如果需要一种交代, 那, 我还活得很璀璨.

很可能, 我在过站中. – The wood between the worlds ^_^
透过这里, 另一个故事正在研发.
无所谓的主角配角, 只要在他的国渡里.
现在的我也只有继续努力, 整装出发.

而, 你呢?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

His names

To know who He is, ensures who I am in Him.

The Alpha and Omega
Jehovah Rapha: The Healer
Jehovah Jireh: The Provider
Jehovah Ezer: The Helper
Jehovah Roi: The Shepherd
Jehovah Sabaoth: The Lord of hosts
Jehovah Mekeddeshem (Mekadesh): The Lord Who Sanctifies
Jehovah Nissi: The Lord Our Banner
Jehovah Shalom: The Prince of Peace
Elohim: The Creator
El Elvon: The Most High God
El Roi: The God Who Sees
The Savior
The Counselor
The King of Kings
The Lord of Lords
The promise One
The Messiah
The high priest of Melchizedek
Jesus Christ
The Word of God
Holy Spirit
The beginning and the end
The awesome God
The Comforter
Friend of Sinners
The God of Universe
The Second Adam
Heavenly Father