Monday, April 24, 2006


I have been silent for a while. At times, I have a zillion of thought, which refuse to be put into words. Some other times, I have too much to say but I am afraid that my “words” may fall short of what it truly means. So, in short, I am keeping my thoughts in place without converse them.

My scattered thoughts begin here -

1. I was invited to a Passover Sedar by a Jewish coworker. It was an honor to be seated with the Lord’s people and celebrate the power and mercy of God, which delivered them out of Egypt. I enjoyed the symbolized food and dips that represent the suffering of their ancestors in Egypt, and also the hope of deliverance. In a split of second when the Elijah’s cup passed in front of me, I hesitated to pour my wine into that cup. To the Jews, it is a symbol of pleading Elijah to quicken the coming of Messiah. To me, if I had poured the wine into the cup, I would be denying the Messiah had come two thousand years ago and my salvation in the Lord was voided. I could not tell if it was the Lord or my body coordination but the wine did not come out from my glass, it stopped at the edge. I know that there is no condemnation in the Lord for the sake of joining His peoples’ tradition and ritual but I could not deny my Lord and I refused to agree with the Jewish hosts and guests that my Jesus was just another nice guy. Because I know that I know – Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the hope of Israel, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Word of God, my savior, my everything. So, I paused for a while, and I put down my glass. <<>

2. I saw another side of Jesus during the Easter Musical. It never strikes me that the Creator of the whole world desired to be remembered. I thought when people look at the starry night they would remember Him. I thought, when His disciples broke bread and walked through the alleys and paths they used to travel, they would remember Him. I thought it was so natural to remember the one, who you loved and vowed to die for. Probably, I had been wrong. When troubles come and busyness consumes us, we tend to forget. The repetition of “remember me” in the scene told me how distressed Christ was and how much He would like us to have Him in our hearts – just to remember Him.

3. Nothing else matters, but You. For the cause of Christ, some people make the wildest decisions in their lives. There are some, sacrifice their lifetime to advance the Kingdom of God. Others, labor days and nights to hold on tight the promises of God against cold shoulders and cruel facts that can easily steal their hopes for tomorrow. What does hope really mean? An opportunity to revive broken dreams, or to reverse circumstances? The last time I checked, Christ does not promise us rosy lives and all prayers answered. So, what are you hoping for? The only thing that keeps me going is the promise He made – “Behold, I make all things new.” – Revelation 21:5

4. … it is enough, for now.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

你, 可以延续多久?

你, 可以延续多久?
对一件事, 一个人...
是恒心的问题吗? 抑或是缺乏信心的阻绕?
我看过积极后的冷淡, 也看过中途抽身而去的, 更领教过因难而退缩.
虽然如此, 我还是选择相信 - 坚持不渝地.
纵使, 换得的是这名份... 我, 一点也不介意.