Friday, February 24, 2006

Sickness and Hypnosis

It is kind of creepy. I had been sick for the past 1.5 weeks and I started to head on the recovery road on Thursday. My body is exhausted but I find it strange that my brain is getting sharper than before. As if like I can rearrange and categorize things, and improve them in much shorter time that I took before. I hope this “strange” gift will sustain.

So, when I was sick, I wasn’t myself. I wonder how I can make myself to be myself when I am not myself. (It sounds like a tongue twister) Though I really wonder.

During my stay with Jean, I read something from the Preventive Journal. I found it whimsical yet as true as what God told us – without vision, people perish.

Hypnosis is claimed to heal hundreds and thousands of sickness without any side effect. Is it too good to be true? The research indicated that our brain and inner self could quicken healings, recovery, and even stop pain signal to travel to the brain. Though one thing, the patient needs to paint a picture in his/her mind and emerges himself/herself in a zone, where feelings, vision, hearing, and touching are all activated. Fascinated!

This clinical finding echoes the reality of the fourth dimension. Science, finally, catches up the footsteps of God revealing truth thousands years ago.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dedicated to Wakin

Drove more than 1.5 hours to see him…
I went for Wakin Chau’s live concert last Friday. The experience was great. Wakin’s voice was much better in live than in CD. He is a real deal after all. Impressed by his language skill, talents, and humanity. Love his attitude towards work and family. Captivated by his charm and laughter. Moved by his voice and songs.

“天涯海角” 一直在我脑海里盘旋. 可能是华健唱着了我年轻的寻觅, 现在的徘徊吧.

流浪汉 流浪去找梦想国
来又往 寻觅我的梦想国

潮汐降 如若你可在我旁

对天对地 寻觅你
谁是你 满天遍地谁是你

如能寻获你 我会放弃飘泊