Tuesday, June 02, 2009

How are things going for your big day?

Almost everyday, I have someone asking me this question. So, how are things going?
Well, things are going well and coming together.

I was getting nervous to get the details done but now I feel like I am soon crusing away.

Am I ready to be Mrs. Yeoh? Yeah, I am. Funny me that I tried to think about a thousand questions to make myself nervous but I am not. Am I feeling the pressure coming upon me? Not really too. Somehow, I know it is meant to be. That is it. Period.

The only thing I feel like lacking here and then is I am missing the time spend with the Lord. My world is consumed with work and planning. I'm constantly asking the Lord if my heart for Him be deviated or if I have placed Him on the second place. Fear that would be the case and I vow not to let that happen. Without Him, I can do nothing and I would lost my identify to be who I am, as if I cease to exist.

I pray that the Lord will forever take the first place and so as in HC's heart. Putting God first regardless in any situation is our first and foremost agreement.

I am entering a new season in my life and I know it is only getting better. Yes, better and only better! Dear Lord, with Your grace and favors upon us, we will shine for You to testify Your everlasting love!!


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