Monday, August 10, 2009

Coming back...

I have this yearning in me that I want to be back.
I want to be back into the arms of the Lord.
He is never far and I am always here but I have to admit that busyness tossed me from the left to the right.

Last night, when I was standing outside... The silence of the sunset whispered loud the grace and faithfulness of God. The feeling of being close to Him surfaced up. As if in the whole wide world, you need only Him and He alone is enough.

I am not sure how a non believer would understand this feeling. The feeling of security and satisfaction.

I pray oh Lord that You will forever be the first in our hearts and help us to glorify You in everything we do. Find us a way to come back to You everyday and every night without condemnation and fears but acceptance and unceasing love. We are coming back!


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