Thursday, September 04, 2008

After ~3 months

I abandoned blogging for more than three months…

I have been giving myself excuses such as too busy, transition period, vacation, and everything under the sun that I can think of.

No excuse, I am just lazy and also feeling like having a facebook account pushes me to the limit of cyber exposure. Therefore, I withdrew from another outlet to maintain my balancing act.

Quick update:

I am absolutely entering a new season of my life. I can see changes emerge from every corner. What get me excited is that all the changes are for better and bringing me one step closer to the wonderful plan that God has for me.

I am moving to a new position in a new company with a new boss.
The position requires me to travel around the world, which opens up doors for me to build the channel of blessings, the vision that has resided in my heart for closer to a decade.

Accidentally, I found out that my new boss – He is a Christian and going to spirit-filled church. My spirit leaps even as I type. There is no greater joy to work with someone from the body of Christ. Although we are all flawed, the grace of God is sufficient for us. The bottom line is that I do not have to surround myself with unbearable lies and slanders. That is the greatest relief of all.

Even though when my eyes closed and about to fumble, He has created ways in the wilderness and streams of water in the desert.

What an awesome God I serve...