Monday, July 23, 2007

Excruciating pain

After the completion of the MoT examination last week, I started to feel the urge of moving on to the next step - as if I have been putting EVERYTHING on hold till the moment I walked out of Swissnex. I am giving myself excuses of taking a break to recoup from lost energy and striving stress but somehow the fear of “stagnancy” creeps in. I guess, one of my greatest fears is “not growing.”

From the moment we were borne, we have started dying… before all of us reach the other end, what have we done on this earth that can pose as a legacy? I do not like to stay at the same place in life without progressing. After hearing the news from Chisso, I am more assured that my time is short. I need to move forward.

Last week, Chisso told me Dina lost Franky in car accidence. My heart went cold. My empathy failed to reach Dina because the excruciating pain is beyond my imagination. The incidence rocked our world again. The reality of life and death, heaven and hell, cannot be denied. Somehow, the echo of the “cliché” pitch during gospel alter call, “what if you die today… where would you go?” sounds ever real. With all my hope, I pray that his soul is in the arm of the Lord and the feeling of finally home may erase regrets in his heart.

As for Dina, I pray that the Lord will give her strength to carry on. I pray that beyond the shadow of doubt, her faith in the Lord will be increased and strengthened.